List Stats

Sales per day, popular open/close times, and more

Details, details! Master list charts, graphs, and tables

Need to plan ahead to ask off from work so you can snag some awesome deals? The charts below will give you a better idea of when sales are happening.

The charts on this page update automagically when a new sale is submitted. Neat, huh? 

Already submitted your sale, but want to change your open/close times? Find out how.

When the list opens for 2021, we’ll update this page to include 2021 data.

2020 Data: Sales Submitted

Live Counter: 2020 Sales

Number of Sales Submitted as of Today

Live count of list submissions

Percent of Sales Accepting Venmo Payments

% of Sales Accepting Venmo

Live Count: Sales by Day

This Year

Last Year

Sales by Neighborhood

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Popular Hours

The next series of charts show the number of sales open each day by the hour. This year is listed first, then last year. If you’ve got limited time to shop, or if you’re trying to choose the best hours for your sale to be open for business, this is a great place to look to see what others are doing and what’s been done in the past.

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